A medical record system is so created within an organization that it stores in all the vital medical related information. A medical record system is not only required at a nursing home or hospital but also at different business organizations to keep a record of the employees who underwent medical treatment. The kind of medical record system that we have developed for you is an EMR or an Electronic Medical Record. It deals with different records of patients in an organization and information related to them. It is very much similar to the paper based records that we used to have even some years back. Having an electronic medical record system will ease the process of data entry and other medical information related to the patient. A lot of hospitals have started using this technology to enable faster processing thereby saving a lot of time and lives.

The Medical record system software needs to be authenticated by its creator and there is legislation of protection laws under the government of the country that needs to be followed during the operation of this device. However its use is appreciated in all organizations but the cost and affordability has become a factor due to the uniqueness of the device. We have tried to develop and improvise the product in a way different from the usual ones putting the most important features on the top thereby giving less importance to other functionalities; this somehow reduces the cost of the device and allows a lot of organizations to afford it and use it straightaway. Removing insignificant features won’t be much of a factor because those features are barely used for any medical purposes. This device plays a pivotal role in the research of electronic networks that builds a bridge between medical researchers to practitioners as well.

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