Production Unit
  • Staff Management
  • Prescription Management By Order
  • Prescription History
  • Dispatch to Pharma Company
Pharma Company
  • Deliver Prescription Orders
  • Dispatch Collection of Prescription
  • Patient Records
  • Patient History
  • Prescription Management
  • Account Management
  • Service Maintenance
  • Wards Maintenanace
  • Rooms Maintenance
  • Consultant Maintenance
  • Medicines Records and Maintenance

Product Features

Reception Desk

Register patient for general medical or dental medical as normal card or family card

Nurse Desk

Add vital signs and assigning waiting patients to the available consultant.

Consultant Desk

Manage IN and OUT patients.

Laboratory Desk

Carry out all laboratory investigations and send investigation results back to consultant who sent it.

Cashier Desk

Manage patient payments (Private, Company and Organization Cash Payments)

Admin Desk

Manage Signatures for laboratory, Medicines and other procedures.

Pharmacy Desk

View medicines in stock, low stock medicine, expiring in next 3 months medicines and already expired medicines

Accountant Desk

Synchronization of sales and purchases with QuickBooks.

Why Choose Us

  • It's a simple, lovely and effective JARo

    It's a simple, lovely and effective JARo for smaller schools. It's intuitive and easy-to-use - Patients find our software a joy to use, and they can't live without it once they've started.
  • We continuously update and upgrade the software

    We continuously update and upgrade the software with the latest best practices, which you receive automatically. This will help your hospital/clinic keep up with the rapidly changing technical landscape without any extra effort on your part.
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